Testimonial from Esther Hartley

Hi My name's Esther Hartley. I've been introduced to Semelia by Fathima Jawoodeen. I Must admit I was very sceptical about the product but started on the 13/02/2011 weighing in at 89.1kg. I might have skipped taking Semelia about 4days in beween but for 37 days have taken Semelia and had a nice constant weight loss which up to date 29/03/2011 have brought my weight down to 83kg I have gone down to 82kg. I've had no side effects. I suffer from Arithmia I'm on cronic medication which is Azor - Anxiety and pulpitations, BP tablet Ten bloka 50mg daily Omez for reflux, Arcoxia 120mg for Arthiritus. I have had no side effects with Semelia and feel comfortable to recommend it to others. As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding. Now my friends want to use Semelia because of my weight loss and no side effects. Soon I will have my measurements before I started up, to compare with up to dates measurements.. Enjoy ur wieght loss!
Weight Loss testimonial from Esther Hartley | Jun-2011 | Walkerville

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