About Semelia

Semelia Fat burner started unofficially in 2010 and became offical in 2012. Bringing a unique natural product to people who have been through many trials. We pride ourselves on working with people through people to get the best results.

Before the cloud of Covid19 life was all ready hectic with many people not having the time to focus on making healthy foods and exercising regulary while taking care of the family. Semelia has helped many people continue with there lives as normal while seeing the kilo's and centimeters drop.

Living in the new environment at an even faster pace, not many people get to eat and exercise as they would like. With Semelia there is no need for drastic changes that make you want to give up after a few weeks or months. Changes you make can be slow and steady. Just carry on with your life as normal and see the weight drop with little to no effort.

We want to hear from you! if you have used the product what has your experience been like?