Semelia Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q: How do I take the seed?
A: There are 2 methods to taking the seed, both ways work equally well and if you don't like taking it one way try the other as you will still lose weight. You may take your ¼ seed at night before going to bed by digesting it as you would any other tablet or you take your ¼ seed and crush it between 2 teaspoons and place it in ½ a glass of water and then boil it in your microwave for 2.5 minutes, then take it out and let it cool for a while until it is drinkable. You may use boiling water from a kettle as well or from a stove. Always remember to let it cool a little before drinking. What you need to know is that taking it this way may not be pleasing to the taste buds.
Q: Once I have reached my ideal weight, do I need to continue taking the seed?
A: Semelia is 100% natural plant extract and as such the product has various health benefits apart from weight loss. Once you have reached your ideal weight it is recommended to take 1/8 of the seed 2 or three times per week to maintain your weight
Q: How quickly can I expect to lose weight?
A: In your first month depending on your metabolism you could lose between 3-5kg.People who are extremely fat tend to lose more, as there is a lot of unwanted fat that the body needs to get rid of. Some people who have already started on this seed have lost between 25 to 29 kilos in a period of 4 months and will give testimony to that; others have lost between 15 to 20 kilos in a period of 5 to 6 months! So, although it varies from person to person, we have not had anyone not losing their goal weight and being more than delighted!
Q: Is it safe for children to use the product?
A: Although the seed is 100% natural, it has not yet been established if it is safe to use on children.
Q: Do I need to follow a specific diet when taking the seed to lose weight?
A: No diet needs to be followed but eating healthy is always advised and will assist speeding up the weight loss process.
Q: Do I need to exercise while taking the seed to lose weight?
A: Exercise is good for your body shape and strength, but it is not a prerequisite for attaining your ideal weight.
Q: Is it safe to take the seed during pregnancy and/ or while breastfeeding?
A: Safety during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding has not been established.
Q: I have types 2 diabetes. Can I still use the seed to lose weight?
A: We are not qualified to give medical advice save to say that we have received many testimonies from diabetics who have benefited in a fantastic way. Please consult with your doctor first if you are on any prescribed medication.
Q: I have just started taking the seed and tend to go to the bathroom very often - is this normal?
A: Yes. The seed works by burning excess fat in your body. You will experience an increase in bowel movements, that is 2 to 3 times a day depending on how much and how often you eat. it is ok to experience diarhea in the first few days thereafter your tummy should settle if this is not the case you may need to increase your intake of banana's (1-2 a day) and or take a multi vitamin. Sometimes you may need to reduce to 1/8th. WARNING having diarhea will not make you lose weight, it will dehydrate you. If you are unsure please contact us.
Q. Some of my friends start losing their unwanted kilo’s from the first week. Should I be concerned if my weight loss seems to be much slower than the others?
A. There is no need to be concerned. Even though more than at least 90% of the people do start losing weigh almost immediately, we have probably heard from three or four people that – amazing and inexplicably as it may sound – they only started to benefit from the weight loss in their 5th week of using the product. These are really the very rare exceptions to the rule. Since we are all unique individuals, our bodies react differently and over different time frames. Sometimes you might find that a person’s body has high levels of toxins which the product must first eliminate before other health benefits can be optimally experienced. It is also possible that certain medical conditions may be present and which people are not even aware of.
Q. Can your product be used together with other known diet products?
A. Semelia should not be used in combination with other weight loss products; this may interfere with the effectiveness of the seed.
Q. does the seed lose it effects over time
A. You need to keep the seeds out of direct sunlight. Only cut 1 seed at a time.
Q. how do I lose weight?
The acids in the nut block the fat from being absorbed in the body and breaks downs the fat all ready in the system.
Q. What are the side effects of the seed?
While most side effects are positive i.e. stregthening the hair, helping with skin conditions. There is also the possibility of allergic reactions especially if you have a nut allergy. Diahrea normally in the first few days. N.B. constant diarhea will dehydrate you and could have serious effects on your body. The seed does not work where you need to be going to the bathroom all the time. When we say increased bowel movements this should be comfortable NOT diarhea. If you have any concerns or are unsure, Please do Contact Us