Testimonial from Audrey Le Roes

Weight Loss testimonial audrey before and after semelia nut
Hi My name is Audrey I started using Semelia nuts in Nov. 2013. With my weight at 75 the highest in my life ever,I had to do something, me being use to my weight much less was getting worried. At first I lost only 3kg in my first month, and then the cm went. In January 2014 I lost a total of 8kg. Going from a size 36 to a 33 pants and 32 dress was awesome. Needless to say still going strong. Must say it’s the easiest way ever to loose weigh. Effortless. Just love the product Amzing what it did to my self esteem. Feeling much better about myself. Another amazing thing about the nuts, I suffer from IBS and since using the Semelia nuts, I have no more pain or other problems with my stomach. I recommend it to mu friends and are proud to say that 6 off them started using it. Thank you for a great product.
Weight Loss testimonial from Audrey Le Roes | Feb-2014 | Durbanville

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