Testimonial from Rhulani Cleopatra Mhangane

Hi, I am Rhulani Cleopatra Mhangane from Protea glen. I work at JMPD. I have been using Semelia Seeds for about 6 weeksnow, amazingly I lost 10KG's in the first 4 weeks of use and kept it off, I now weigh 88KG and still losing. I was skeptical about Semelia because I wasted to much money on ineffective weight loss products on the market prior to Semelia only to be disapointed. As a result I had lost confidence in myself, to add insult to injury family and friends thought I was Pregnant, even worse my old high school frieds could not regognize me. I regained almost all my confidence, I look and feel great .....All the praises I get. Semelia really works. We still need to lose a few more kilos and that will happen soon.
Weight Loss testimonial from Rhulani Cleopatra Mhangane | Oct-2013 | Protea Glen Soweto

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