Testimonial from Phumzile

My changed life all because of the Semelia fat Burner My name is Phumzile Mkhwanazi and I am 31 years old this year. I work for the johannesburg Metro Police and have been working there for the past ten years. In my whole entire family we have a problem of being over weight and all I knew and wanted was to be a police officer from childhood. I managed to become a police officer but the problem was nothing else but my weight. Everytime I walked on the streets of Johannesburg everybody would turn and make funny comments like "I wonder how does one catch criminals". I lacked confidence and I had so much self pity, I felt very discouraged even though I was doing my dream job. I started starving myself and then after days I would eat like no bodies busines, then I started consulting doctors called dieticians, following diets without results, I have spent thousands and thousands of money without results. Up until my cousin told me about a miraculose seed called Semelia fat Burner and from a sie 42 I now wear a size 34. I feel and look good and I spend very less, everybody is asking me what is my secret I always tell them Semelia fat Burner. I don't starve, I eat everything except sweets and cakes and I still loose weight. I am now one of the proud and good looking cops in Johannesburg. Salute!!! Semelia Fat Burner
Weight Loss testimonial from Phumzile | Apr-2013 | Soweto

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