Testimonial from Anita

Weight Loss testimonial before and after measurements
I have spent the last 4 years or so trying desperately to loose weight (13 kgs) that I had put on as a result of being on cortisone for two weeks in the past. My efforts at healthy eating and exercise enabled me to loose 8.5 kgs over this four year period. I have continued with exercising reasonableness and discrestion in terms of my eating and exercise. I should begin my saying that I began this regimen at 61kgs I lost 9 kgs with Semelia over the period of 2 six week sessions having monitored my bust, waist and hip dimensions over this period. I am now at my goal weight and feel so much better overall. My sleep patterns have stabilised as well which has also been a bonus as I have been dealing with insomnia for most of my adult life. I feel so much better in general now that I am not carrying all that surplus weight –mentally and physically. I should mention that my excess weight and the significant increase in my bust size affected my back significantly, so for that too I am relieved. I feel like I have my life back actually and for that I am grateful. Having tried various products over time and sometimes significant cost and some with more embarrassing side effects than others, I am glad that this worked for me with no complications or side-effects and with no significant changes to my lifestyle.
Weight Loss testimonial from Anita | Jun-2012 | Bryanston

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