Natural weight loss with semelia fat burner
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Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Tips for better results

All metabolisms are different and each person will reduce weight according to their metabolism, Below are factors that can help speed up your weight loss ... follow them
 1) You must be constant to accomplish your goal. Remember that it is not only a nut; it is one and a half months of treatment.

2) This nut burns fat. Do not eat excessive fat during treatment. It is never a good idea to burn fat and consume excessive junk food at the same time.

3) This nut reduces your appetite; eat only if you really want to eat. Eat as you normally do.

4) Do not eat fats (or reduce as much as you can), it’s better to eat fruits and vegetables.

5) The fat is directed to the mitochondria of your cells, performing 20 minutes of daily exercise will transform fat into pure energy.

6) This treatment may be continued until you reach the desired weight.

Home Tips

1) It has been said a glass of warm water and Lemon with salt or honey every morning increases the matabolism and reduces weight.

2) Reduce Salt & Sugar intake

3) Avoid fried and baked foods and grill your meat

4) Drink a glass of water before meals to avoid over eating.

5) Eat in moderation, less food more often i.e 5 smaller meals a day.

6) Increase fibre intake this helps with the bowels, cleans the system and fills the tummy.

7) Take honey and cinnamon in a boiled cup of water 30 minutes before eating in the morning and before going to bed for weight reduction and to prevent accumulation of fat in the body.