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Hi my name is Lavern Hoffman. Its wonderfull how this fantastic product works with no special eating plans or exersize,nothing. I've started using semelia on 17/05/2011, weighing 69Kg. I was very sceptical at first. Today, 07/07/2011, my weight is 66kg. I am starting with my second treatment tomorrow and can't wait to loose more. I have been struggling to loose weigh for almost 6 years now, after my son's birth. This product is changing my life and i recommend it to everyone with a weigh loss problem. I'm so excited....! And i just can't hide it!

I would really recommend it to anyone.
6 July 2011

Lavern Hoffman
Wellington, Cape Town

This is an AWESOME product! I've tried almost everything that I could get on the market and this product really surprised me. I started using this product about 2 months ago. I did not lose a lot of weight (about 4 Kilo's) to date but I can feel I have lost a lot of centimetres! And I'm not on a specific diet but really it seems that I eat much less now.

I would really recommend it to anyone.
4 July 2011


All my life I have been trying to lose weight. I have an extremely slow metabolism and no diet really worked for me. I heard about Semelia from Fathima and decided ‘what the heck’, let’s try it. And to my surprise, it really works! I have lost 8kgs. No dieting, no exercise, nothing. The fat just seems to melt off. Everyone is noticing and I am so motivated to lose more. I recommend Semelia to anyone. It is safe and I have had no side effects. Just try it, you will be surprised at the results.
12 May 2011

Ruxana H

Guess what???????
6 June 2011
lost another 3kg's - 9 July 11

Hi My name's Esther Hartley. I've been introduced to Semelia by Fathima Jawoodeen. I Must admit I was very sceptical about the product but started on the 13/02/2011 weighing in at 89.1kg. I might have skipped taking Semelia about 4days in beween but for 37 days have taken Semelia and had a nice constant weight loss which up to date 29/03/2011 have brought my weight down to 83kg I have gone down to 82kg. I've had no side effects. I suffer from Arithmia I'm on cronic medication which is Azor - Anxiety and pulpitations, BP tablet Ten bloka 50mg daily Omez for reflux, Arcoxia 120mg for Arthiritus. I have had no side effects with Semelia and feel comfortable to recommend it to others. As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding. Now my friends want to use Semelia because of my weight loss and no side effects. Soon I will have my measurements before I started up, to compare with up to dates measurements.. Enjoy ur wieght loss!

Esther Hartley Walkerville

In six weeks I have dropped from size 42 to 38 – that’s two dress sizes! I have so much more energy and it feels great. I wish I heard about this seed sooner, it is changing my life.

Samantha, South Africa

When I started taking the seed i didn’t expect it to work. I spent lots of time in the ladies but I thought that was just my body going through the detox process because that was one of the benefits according to the advert. Then my clothing started getting loose on me and I went from 34 to 30 in +/- 3 months.

Aruna Singh, Chatsworth

 I don’t like dieting but my weight was really depressing me. When I heard someone talk about this seed that worked without changing your diet had to try it. I am on the seed for two months now and lost 7.5kg so far. I love that I can eat as i normally do and the kilo’s are still melting away! People around me are telling me that I am losing weight and how nice I look, its awesome. This is an excellent product and I just wish that everybody knew about it.

Saritha ,South Africa,30 yrs

 I have been suffering with a severe case of haemorrhoids and also was never able to lose weight no matter what I tried. Since I have been on the seed my haemorrhoid symptoms have almost completely vanished and I finally found a product that is helping me lose weight.

Janice Willmore

For as long as I can remember I have been fighting a losing battle…with my WEIGHT!!! If you are reading this then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. My physical appearance had a major impact on my mental state. I always felt self conscious and lacked confidence because of the way I looked and it took a toll on my health as well. I was sick all the time and had no energy to spend time and do things with my family. I have been on hundreds of diets and exercise programs and yes some of them actually worked but because of the manner in which it worked I gained all that weight right back and then some.

The problem with most weight loss programs is that you have to make such a dramatic change to the way you eat, incorporate strenuous exercise programs into your routine and after a month or two a lot of people just give up and go back to their old habits. Then there are other weight loss products are that they use chemicals to literally strip that fat from your body. This process dissolves muscle and disrupts the body so you put that weight back on after treatment but have less muscle available to carry it so the problem is compounded.

Then I discovered Semelia Fat Burner. This is a completely natural, organic product...It’s a nut that burns fat, detoxes and cleanses my system WHILE I SLEEP! And the best part is that I can eat whatever I want. I don’t have to follow any eating plan or strenuous exercise routine. (Although doing so would speed up the weight loss process) I have dropped two dress sizes in the past two months and I feel great. All I do is take it in the evening before bed and forget about it, that simple!!!This product is really amazing and I want to share it with everybody who has ever been in my shoes. I have spent thousands of rands on products that promised results and I have always got either no result at all or actually ended up worse off than when I started. Don’t throw away another cent on something that’s not going to work. Semelia is easy to use, completely natural and IT WORKS!!!Try it, like they say you have nothing to lose but the weight!

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