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Semelia contra-indications


People who suffer from gastritis or ulcers

It is not recommended that the nut be consumed if you have ulcers as it is an intestinal irritant as is chilli, coffee etc. Eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and yoghurt will greatly benefit you if you suffer with ulcers.

Pregnant or nursing women

It is not recommended to use the nut while pregnant or breastfeeding. You are responsible for this precious new life that God has gifted to you. Do not consume anything that would jeopardise the health and development of your baby.

People who are allergic

Although this is a natural product, many people are allergic to natural products such as seafood, corn, nuts, eggs, etc. If you are a highly allergic person it is not recommended that you use the product.

People recovering from illness or surgery

 The nut should not be combined with any type of medication Medical treatment or other slimming treatment Do not combine the product with any medical treatment. Although we know that it can be combined with some, others can have consequences so it is best to be safe.

People over 60 and under 18

People who are allergic to antibiotics

People who suffer from any renal deficiency

Other considerations
a) As with any chemical or natural treatment, if you display any intolerance to the product, stop immediately.

b) Keep out of reach of children.

c) Keep the product in a cool place, free from excessive moisture and sealed.

d) This natural product is not intended to be a drug.

e) This product does not cure; it helps to lose weight with many benefits for our body.

f) Never take more than a quarter of a nut.

g) This product is 100% natural and the responsibility of those who consume it, i.e. conservation, dosage, use etc.

**Some people may experience specific intolerance or hyper sensitivity to this product, if so stop taking the seed immediately.