Natural weight loss with semelia fat burner
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Semelia benefits & dosage


• Cleans the intestine.
• Reduce body fat.
• Reduces cellulite.
• Reduces levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
• Tones muscles.
• Detoxifies your body.
• Reduces anxiety for eating excessively.
• Reduces anxiety for smoke.
• Lessens hemorrhoids.
• Cures intestinal constipation.
• Reduces problem of arthritis.
• Enhances better appearance of skin and hair.
• Prevents hair loss.
• Helps to reduce acne.

The best way for weight loss Dosage and Directions for use.

Method of Use

Start up the treatment with only 1/8 of the nut before or after Supper for the first 8 days, so that your system gradually gets used to this product. Thereafter increase the dose to ¼ of the nut.

Keep in mind that everybody reacts differently to the nut , 1/4 of the nut is the recommended dose, but if you evacuate more than what you normally do reduce its portion so that you evacuate 2 or 3 times a day.
There are two ways of ingesting the nut:
 1. Crush 1/4 of the seed between 2 teaspoons into a glass of boiling hot water allow it to cool, Add ice to the glass if necessary and drink it immediately. This will taste bitter.

2. You may take the nut by ingesting it as you would a tablet. Both ways work equally well and if you don't like taking it one way try the other as you will still lose weight.

**Drink a long glass of lukewarm-hot water every morning; it maximizes the effects of the nut.

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** Semlia seeds are great if you want to lose weight fast, yet easily and naturally without special diets or strenuous exercise.