Natural weight loss with semelia fat burner
Natural weight loss with semelia fat burner
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I did not take any before and after pics as I wasnt sure this product would work on me. At first I was sceptical about this product as I have tried alot of products on the market with very little to no results at all. Although I am on chronic meds for my blood pressure and thyroid I still took the chance of using the nuts. Today I can truly say this nut really works. I did not have a scale when I started so I measured me once a week on three different places and to date I can gladly say after 5 months with a short break in between I have lost a total of 66cm amd look and feel a different person. My blood pressure is aldo normal now.

January 2015
Gail Booysen

Cape Town

I have never had Beyonce's figure I was always the biggest. This worsened during and after my pregnancy 2013. I started using Semalia after I had given birth in February weighing at 101Kg. I am not a fan of the scale but when I had to go for weighings at work during my medical I had lost some weight. To date I am weighing at 73kg. My ideal weight is 65kg and I know guaranteed I will reach that with the help of Semelia.

My confidence has increased. I am not ashamed when talking my son for a walk or hanging out with the ladies or my hubby.

For all those trapped in the obesity cycle BREAK IT. Semelia will help u achieve your goal. I can proudly and boldly say I am a YUMMY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!

Thantaswa Weight loss photo before and after

February 2015
Thantaswa Nkumanda